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    Socially Anxious Kid Freaking Out in Gym Class Movie

    This 1950's film, sponsored by the American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, uses the individual story of a worried mother and her son Paul to advocate schools hiring certified gym teachers. Paul has social anxiety and is picked on in his high school gym class, which is taught by his regular classroom teacher. There are scenes of kids playing poorly supervised games or playing randomly on the playground. Paul’s mother, who also narrates the film, worries that Paul is going to be scarred by this experience and lobbies the school board to hire a real gym teacher, against some opposition from other parents, “Just leave them on the playground and let them be!” She argues for the importance of gym class, properly taught. Accreditation for physical education teachers is crucial! Eventually, the school board gives in and the school gym class becomes a model of regularity, discipline, and structure. There are some great playground scenes in this film that exude 1950's culture, including shots of 1950’s style uniforms and long forgotten phsyical education activities. A gem in the history of physical education.