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    Per-Pixel Displacement Mapping Using Cone Tracing (Figures)


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    [Authors] Akram Halli, Abderrahim Saaidi, Khalid Satori, Hamid Tairi.
    [Abstract] The technique of cone tracing, used for rendering very detailed surface in real-time, is certainly among the best techniques at the present time. But unfortunately, in its two versions, conservative and relaxed, this technique suffers from a heavy pre-processing having a quadratic complexity. Moreover, the processing of non-square textures remains a problem. In this article we introduce a new linear complexity algorithm for generating relaxed cone maps. Additionally, we propose to use the Height Distributional Distance Transform HDDT for creating conservative cone maps. The HDDT is a linear algorithm used in terrain rendering. We also introduce a new method for supporting non-square textures using an elliptical rectification. Finally, we suggest using the cones’ radius instead of their ratio. This eliminates the constraint limiting the cones’ apex angle to π/4 which significantly improves the performance of the cone tracing technique.
    [Keywords] Real time rendering, per-pixel displacement mapping, cone tracing.
    [Journal] International Review on Computers and Software (I.RE.CO.S.), Vol. 3, n. 5