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    Chubby G3 Ponies 2


    by MasterMarik

    You know the drill, comment ONLY if you like it. READ BEFORE COMMENTING:
    Do not comment on any of the following:
    1.Wrong colors/colors misplaced. I know this and it's difficult to transfer the colors from a pony in a completely different pose to my new one.
    2. Sparkleworks' white leg. I know this and I didn't know what it was at the time of painting the image.
    3. The music being shorter than the video. I know, but it's only 10 seconds of silence at the end. I couldn't find anything in my computer library that a) was of equal length and b)was related to the video. As a final note, there will probably be more of these videos over Pearlized G3s as I don't have enough PG3s verses CG3s(unless of course you'd be willing to find more for me).