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The O-Change video links 5 fundamental elements – like the Olympic Rings – which are symbolic of the Olympiads for Change.

- Nhial and Jal, two Sudanese orphans who are refugees in a camp in Ethiopia. They want to eat sufficiently and go to school.

- Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who calls on the world’s leaders to respond promptly to the current food crisis.

- Chahinaz Adel, a young Algerian woman who demands of the UN that Human Rights be respected.

- Mary Robinson, former Irish president, states that we haven’t been able to communicate enough on the “Shared Values of Human Rights.”

- Busi Maqungo, South-African activist in the fight against AIDS. She comes to tell her family how the world’s leaders have promised her change. But she doesn’t believe in it anymore.

These five clips come from 5 Article Z movies, particularly from the Madmundo series (www.madmundo.tv).