B&B December 2nd 2004

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Stephanie begs Brooke to try and convince Ridge not to force Eric out as Forrester CEO. The two watch as Eric effectively deals with an employee and Stephanie informs Brooke that she will be indebted to her for the rest of her life if she can get Ridge to back down from his current threats. Brooke leaves the office and Eric and Stephanie talk.

Ridge and Nick visit Massimo at the hospital. He recognizes them and calls them his sons. They marvel over his progress but do not answer him when he asks about Jackie. Nick asks the doctors to take their father to his therapy class then tells Ridge Jackie hasn't visited Massimo once and that's the want he wants to keep it.

In the meantime Deacon surprises Jackie at her office after hours with a gift. Before she opens it she thanks him for all of his wonderful contributions with the store and assistance with recent transitions in her life.

Ridge goes home and finds Brooke there. He attempts to fill her in about the affair but Brooke tells him she already knows. They talk a little about Ridge's impending ultimatum to his father and Ridge remains firm saying if Eric wants to help Thorne make a name at Spectra he'll have to do it without being CEO of Forrester Creations.