Call Me Joe (complete series)


by MrADD

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Episodes 1-5, uncut! When and how to tell a date, or perspective sex partner you're positive is a nerve wracking, stomach-churning crisis every HIV+ person faces. "Will they freak out?" "Will I get rejected?" "How can I tell a stranger my most private fact?" CALL ME JOE follows Dave (David LeBarron) as he falls in love with his new boyfriend Joe and puts off telling him about his HIV status until it may be too late. In an R-Rated Muppet twist, the role of Joe is played by a moon: (Yes, a man's butt with googly eyes.) hired the irreverent and HIV positive writer/performer David LeBarron to tackle the problem of creating dialogue about status disclosure through humor. "Disclosure is pretty much the crappiest part about being positive, I mean besides the other crappy parts," David laughs, "so I wanted to create a piece that would make people talk, or possibly reference as a segue into their own status."