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    1950’s LAPD Narcotics Police Training Video [Los Angeles]

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    Famous filmmakers Denis and Terry Sanders made this dark and powerful educational film, which was used as a no-nonsense training tool for new police recruits in Los Angeles. Dry and hard hitting, the film provides a harrowing look at illegal drug use, particularly heroin use in 1950's Los Angeles. It depicts in some detail drug use and the social problems it creates, as well as the effects of heroin and heroin abuse. Dual narrators ask and then answer questions about how to control and deal with urban drug use and substance abuse prevention for police officers training. Staged scenes of heroin junkies shooting up, going through withdrawal, and being arrested are also shown. Shot partially in the Bunker Hill neighborhood of Los Angeles before redevelopment, this film has great footage of that now lost area and serves as a small piece of the history of Los Angeles. This is one of those chilling police training videos that still shocks today.