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    1969 Scare Video: Teen & Teenage Illegal Drug Abuse Film

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    Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb is a groovy 1960's anti drug film that vocalizes the concern over increased drug use among teenagers. The film stresses that, contrary to popular thought, drug abuse is not an individual decision, but a choice that affects society by preventing social change in America. This is a markedly different approach than most of the contemporary anti-drug material at the time. Dr. Boroughs explains how drug dependency limits one’s potential, hindering their growth and contribution to society - a marked contrast to the perception of most involved in the 1960's counterculture. Hilariously, the Drug Abuse: The Chemical Tomb ends up demonstrating drug usage in great detail, making more of a retro-instructional film than an effective method of discouragement. The film is notable for it's unusual message that seeks to undermine the progressive ideals of the counterculture and unusual tackling of teenage drug abuse.