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    how to make young drivers drive safely: 1953 scare video

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    Lowell Thomas narrates It's Wanton Murder with his famous sonorous voice about the dangers of driving. Echoing more popular notions during World War 2, Thomas immediately points out that "death does not exist in war alone." Casualties from bad car accidents each year far outnumber the amount of people who died in World War II, the safety video tells us. To best exemplify this statistic, Thomas reads a letter from an army wife who describes worrying about her husband overseas, only to have him returned without injury, but be killed months later by another driver. Featuring high production values and searing dramatic scenes (especially for a highway safety video), It's Wanton Murder is a touchstone safety film. Unusual for the time, brutal footage of actual car accident carnage is included. But the overall message remains uplifting, as prevention, carefulness, and safety are paramount to living a healthy and happy life. These vintage car accident videos in It's Wanton Murder could scare anyone into traffic safety training!