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    by kimberligage

    http://www.kimberligage.com Skype me at Kimberli.Gage I made a tidal wave in the network marketing industry. Starting with her 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing e-book, and now from 7 Lies onto The Renegade Network Marketer and System, her message is quite literally changing the way MLM is done. Much like Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring and Building on a Budget, Ann Sieg has brought MLMers one step closer to owning a real business. While Sieg has taken a lot of flack from old schoolers, understandably, she's won the admiration of hard working frustrated network marketers Sieg has impacted. In this video review I discuss how Ann Sieg and her books have impacted my team and client's businesses. I share our experience with Sieg's monetization and prospect attraction principles and how we applied them quickly to move from the old way to the new way of marketing. Review the video to learn how Ann Sieg and her books can literally change your business for the better, forever. A Review on Ann Sieg's Renegade, by Mike Klingler. Mike shares his experience with Ann Sieg's book, "The Renegade Network Marketer" and her Renegade System. Log into your Renegade University account at If you don't have a free account with Renegade University, do a google or You Tube search for Renegade University and choose a guide. Regardless of the network marketing company, affiliate products or books, or systems you're aligned with, Marketing Merge will help you take it to the next level. Ann Sieg and her books are a great beginning. We then take you by the hand as we did with our team and clients to help you implement Ann Sieg's principles. skype me kimberli.gage My name's Ann Sieg and I've been in and out of the mlm industry for over 19 years now. I've joined and tried to build more opportunities than I care to ... - 100k - Cached - Similar pages Note this Ann Sieg Discussion about Ann Sieg. Speak your mind ...