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    Odd 40’s Film Uses Sports to Relieve Sexual Tension, Angst

    This oddball and antiquated social etiquette and health video is a funny post World War II film. Three teens: Ernie, Jean, and Hal, are basically normal kids who have some “health” problems that they solve by discovering exercise. Ernie is in a “run down condition” and gets colds all the time. He solves this problem with stomach crunches and trunk stretches. Jean is shy and awkward. But when she joins in a tennis game, her awkwardness turns to “poise and confidence” and she finds new friends and social contacts. Hal reads too much and is “nervous and irritable.” After reading about exercise in a book, he decides to try it out for himself and discovers that it can relieve all his “tensions.” He starts an acrobatics club. All the teens find exercising in same-sex clubs or teams a great outlet for their “emotional tensions” (read sexual hormones) in this bizarre Coronet social guidance film.