Atomic Energy and Nuclear Power Film: A is for Atom (1953)

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A is for Atom, an award winning short film, promotes the peacetime applications of atomic energy. The animated residents of Element Town illustrate nuclear fission – the process of an atom splitting that produces byproducts, including massive amounts of nuclear energy. The film is a cutesy plug for all the advantages of nuclear power while answering the question "what is an atom?" Known for its destruction in the past, atomic energy is represented as a harmless figure, which, with “man’s wisdom, on his firmness in the use of that power,” can be controlled and purposed for better things. Nuclear medicine is one of the stressed uses. Still an effective teaching resource today, A is for Atom is a clever depiction of the history of the atom that will entertain children and adults with its 1950's style presentation of what nuclear fission reactions could mean for the future of America.