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    Funny Outer Space Cold War Cartoon! Destination Earth ...

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    This funky 50's cartoon features a fine blend of anti-communist and pro-capitalist sentiment, not surprisingly produced by the American Petroleum Institute. A leader of cartoon martians named Colonel Cosmic comes to Earth to find out why humans are such efficient creatures. He does a little research at the local library and finds out that the secret to our success is free enterprise and oil. Such rampant oil propaganda and anti communism was common at the time. The benefits of the free enterprise economic system come as quite a surprise to him Colonel Cosmic, since his home government looks a lot like the Communist government of the Soviet Union, led by the evil Mr. Ogg, a totalitarian leader. Colonel Cosmic goes back to Mars and initiates a revolution, overthrowing the Ogg government. Soon, lots of small businesses and wildcat oil drillers are in business and Mars is starting to look a lot like Earth. Destination Earth is a more amusing piece of Cold War history.