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    Special Delivery (1946)

    Special Delivery is a promotional video made by the US Air Force to celebrate the strength and diversity of its aircraft. Beginning with an overview of the more conventional uses of air force planes during WWII, such as dropping soldiers, supplies, and provisions behind enemy lines, it then documents some of the rarer old airplanes, such as the “flying wing.” Other planes shown include the B-25 Mitchell, XF 12, XP- 84, XB 35, and C-74. All of these aircraft are an important part of military aviation history. The famous B-29 “Dave’s Dream,” is also shown doing atomic bomb drops on the Bikini Atoll during Operation Crossroads. Throughout the film, the narration claims that air power is important in the defense of America, but that it is equally useful in peacetime, proclaiming, “Air power is peace power.” Special Delivery is an absorbing trip through the types of old fighter planes used by the US Air Force as well as an amazing look at post World War 2 propaganda.