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    1970’s Psychedelic Experience LSD Used in Berkley, Trippy

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    This fantastic entry in UCLA's Social Seminar Series stars Tom, the funky psychedelic drug abuser who takes viewers on a trip through his life in the 1970's. While being interviewed by a social worker with a dry personality (providing tremendous comic contrast), Tom explains why he decided to drop out of society and focus on drug experimentation and living a free life. Tom is the oldest of six children in a Catholic family. He went to Catholic school until he begged his parents to let him go to a public school. After just two years of public school, his parents decided it was the best option to pull him out of that school. Tom was listening to too much rock music. While enrolled in a prep school, he became more discontent than during the catholic school years. His passion soon became surfing. Surfing was his way to escape his life at school, but now Tom uses other ways of escaping his life. Tom uses drugs. He started with marijuana. It was during his college years that he started to use drugs. He claims that taking acid blew his mind like never before. He even started to use LSD. However, he never uses commercial LSD, because it is generally poor in quality. Tom also comments on being responsible while taking drugs. Taking good trips as well as bad trips are a risk one must take. He still uses drugs. By taking psychedelic drugs, one is able to do things they would not normally do. This enriching film is a fabulous illumination of drug culture in 1970s Berkley.