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    Vintage Honest Drug Abuse Film! Drug Use in School in 1960s

    Drugs in Our Culture is a clear, honest, and detailed depiction of drug use in the 1960s. The film is fairly even handed, especially for its time, and uses expert analysis to frame the (then) current picture of substance abuse and where it was expected to head. Drug abuse in school was a new and alarming problem that was facing America at this time. Marijuana is discussed in depth, but other more socially accepted drugs like alcohol and tobacco are taken to task as well. The film even examines possible societal influences for drug use, such as the increasing prevalence of prescription drugs and other chemical aids. The film also attacks the ever growing (and now dominant) pharmaceutical industry. Taking an even more progressive turn, drug addicts are treated as ill and in need of treatment - not prison. Overall, Drugs in Our Culture is a prescient and well informed movie that provides honest information.