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Let's Play RosenkreuzStilette - Mint's Replay (175% Speed)

9 years ago461 views

Progress comments:

Prologue - Pretty much what I hoped for.
Freudia - I made a few careless errors (Freu-lasers especially), but nothing major. I really wish I could take that top path at the end easily.
Schwer-Muta - I'm happy with that.
Trauare - The boss fight could've gone better, but the stage was about as smooth as I wanted.
Grolla - Same as Trauare; there were sadly a few careless mistakes in the stage.
Sichte - This stage is pretty much the epitome of everything that could've gone wrong, and it cost me. I got really stupid.
Liebea - This run was absolutely wonderful/nearly perfect.
Luste - The death was frustrating, but everything else was pretty nice.
Zorne - Same as Liebea.

There's a handful of improvements I can make, and I hope to do so to make a flawless run. It's really hard to do sometimes, and it's very frustrating when you do what I did in Sichte's stage.