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    Save Me Part 4


    by akiko

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    Yamapi Confronts Kame about him being in the gang and Kame confesses saying that he is sorry and that at that time he didn't know him back them. To make up for all he has done he tells him that he knows who actually killed his parents.(Kame had a few days earlier left the gang)Yamapi storms out to the place where Kame told him he could find the man. As Yamapi is walking down the street he is attacked by a gang member who threatens Yamapi. Kame who left th house after their confrontation comes across the scene and he saves Yamapi. Yamapi the calls Jin because Kame is hurt and he make him meet them in a garage. Jin arrives to see Kame laying on the floor, who quickly informs Jin that Yamapi plans to go after them himself, alone. They both attempt to stop Yamapi but Yamapi locks them in to keep them safe. He leaves and makes it to the mans house as he approaches the door he begins to realize how he can't back down. As Yamapi enters the room Jin and Kame escape and begin to search desperately for Yamapi. Meanwhile Yamapi confronts the man only to be reminded of all he has lost. The man tells him that he needs Yamapi dead and that it ends there and then. Yamapi overcome with emotion runs. The man and many many members of the gang follow Yamapi and corner him....

    Note: this is an ongoing series that i have planned to last between 4 and five videos ^__^ please watch, subscribe, rate and comment ^____^
    Music:F4 - vic zhou - A gentle goodnight
    Clips: sore wa totsuzen arashi no you ni, kurosagi, yukan club, gokusen 2, nobuta wo produce, kurosagi the movie

    This is just a FAN MADE vid ^__^