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    von Meowan

    85 946 Aufrufe
    What if desire knows no borders?
    What if you trust people?
    Everything will change...

    1 man, 3 women, 1 murder, 1 investigation

    NUMBER ONE: The Movies Online Charts

    Rank 5: Bitfilm Festival 2006

    "To be honest, I thought your movies since "Am Ende der Distanz" were only so-so, and that "Am Ende der Distanz" might have been a fluke. Well, I was wrong! David Riedel is definitely, and defiantly back on top of his game! By far your best work yet. A superb movie through and through." (Steven Kreg)

    "The nonlinear narrative was excellently composed so as to create just the perfect amount of dissonance in the viewers to absorb them tightly into the story, not losing them. All Vas were just wonderful as well. Magnificent. This is just way over the top. I just cannot believe what I just saw." (Kate Lee)

    "A splendid erotic thriller the slow moving camera work made for a voyeristic atmosphere. Superb plot twists and a great story flow." (Alfric)