Drachten (a sad tale)

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This video provides an impression of the the city of Drachten. A city situated in the northernmost parts of the Netherlands. The video focusses on the industrial parts of Drachten, a city which flourished in the 60’s when Philips decided to place a factory there. Today, most of the philishaves are developed and produced in Drachten. Music by Drachten-based singer songwriter Meite U.

**additional info**

date recorded: november 15, 2007 (welbehagen session) & march 15, 2008
total footage: 30 + 30 minutes
total filming time: 3 + 3 hours
total editing time: 6 hours
equipment: PANASONIC NV-GS320
software: Premiere CS3, Magic Bullet Editors

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