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    Sting confronts Scott Hall


    by TSteck160

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    Skye Reynolds
    "You want to go to war? You got a war. You started it, we gonna finish it."
    "What do you mean 'we?' You come up with this 'we' stuff, I don't see any..."
    "You know, man. You know."

    Man, it was *so* obvious who Scott Hall was supposed to be working for. Former WWF stars band together to answer WCW's challenge to the rival WWF promotion? Did WCW really think that they could avoid a lawsuit? Vince filed one a few weeks later and Hall claimed on Nitro that he wasn't working for McMahon. Even so, it was obvious who the NWO represented. In any event, it was one heck of an angle.
    By Skye Reynolds6 years ago