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    Operation P.O.O.P.


    por animorealista

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    It's my first KND poop.


    Strange situations are about to happen in these missions:

    Numbuh 1 is sellfish to Lizzie, Numbuh 2 burps like a pig, Numbuh 3 sometimes gets angry with Numbuh 4, when she talks like a monster, Numbuh 4 is sometimes a sissy scardy cat and tells her that Rainbow Monkeys are stupid several times and ways, Numbuh 5 calls swear-words to the Delightful Children From Lane and tells Numnuh 4 to join them in a monstrosity way, the girls in Rainbow Monkey Island dance Moskau to attract a gorilla addicted to that song, there are kids and adults with moustaches which make them talk like squirrels and they are explosions, specially on Numbuh 1's thought which it blew up.

    I hope you like it.

    I don't own this cartoon nor anything.
    They belong to their rightful owner.