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Cracked TibiabotNG 4.7.7 tutorial


door TibiaBotterNG

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Hello folks. I've cracked TibiabotNG 4.7.7 and I want to share it. Download the setup in the link u see down here,extract the file and follow the movie. Normally you have to pay for Tibiabot NG but I cracked it so you don't have to pay. I hope you have fun with it,and get a high lvl :) _______________________________________ Download link: http://www.speedyshare.com/239959918.html _______________________________________ If you don't know what TibiabotNG does,it's a bot which does stuff for you like making runes,and if you add a waypoint it will even hunt for you. It also has very useful tools like xray,floorhack,character info,alarms and lots of more tools. BTW: Avg might f*ck the file up,but AVG sux anyway,Avast is better ^^

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