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    Rich Mundo
    I post up, but aint no Hack a SHaq, aint no intentionally fouling me, Cause When I take whats for free, Then its time to take everything on My Degree. Yall Literally when you shouldn't B, Im Serious So Im Literally When I should B, Too much lost time, TOo Much Money On my Mind, I was so Blind, not to see the Sublime Disses, It Missed Me, Then came theve bitch fits, the hits, and the fists, then dude tried to play me with a black fist, I love myself, But Im on the Focus of My Wealth, Thank God for my Health, and my Heart, Would've been good Like a Pitbull in the hands of an Owner Like Racheal Ray, But I grew Up around Dudes Like VIck, So what more Can I say. My Mentality is Scarred, but not broken, WHite Folks automatically trying to put me on Deathrow, and Even if it was the Rap Label, Them Dudes Broke, What Im gone Do with that, No Opportunity and they think they got it hard, but they didnt try hard, No bodyguard, Im forced to go Hard, Best Rapper You Never Will Hear, One Cam.
    Par Rich MundoIl y a 7 ans
    Jipi priou jonathan
    Par Jipi priou jonathanIl y a 9 ans