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    Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair- WCW Title


    by Stinger1981

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    Stevie Robert1984
    Bischoff even said in his book Hogan was never going to lose the title here. He said no way would he lose the title after only six weeks.
    By Stevie Robert1984Last year
    Laughing my ass off at 7:35 where the old lady whacks Hogan with her cane.
    By wrestlevessel5 years ago
    Actually that's what happened, Hogan won at BATB, Flair won by countout at the Clash and Hogan won at Halloween Havoc 94.
    By Stinger19816 years ago
    James Bradley
    The original plan was a three match series, each man having a win over the other to set up the big Halloween Havoc PPV, the rubber match in the series, with Hogan going over and winning the fued. Hogan's creative control card cost WCW here as interest waned after he survived Flair twice, forcing WCW to ask Flair to "retire" to createt more interest in match #3. Problem was after Flair left Hogan couldn't draw and the idea of Flair being "retired"for a year was reduced to less than 6 mths before he began appearing again. This match however is one of their best, both guys work their @#$% off, and they definately had charisma against each other
    By James Bradley6 years ago
    Skye Reynolds
    It may have been Hogan looking out for Hogan, but I agree that it was best that he didn't drop the belt in this match. It was too early for him to lose it, especially since it was only his second match in the company.
    By Skye Reynolds7 years ago
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