Tommy Emmanuel - Cover - Lewis & Clark

Da Schehf !!!
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Morning people,

a week ago a friend showed me a DVD of
Tommy Emmanuel and it wasn't really my type of music.
Country ! But this song I liked very much, so I
got some tabs and watched the dvd as long as it was OK
for me to play.

I am not playing the song his way.
Cause country is not my style.
He plays it way faster, more accurate and way
more notes than me. I am playing it the easy way.
I even forgot to change a chord one time.
He is using a capo too.

What you hear is a live recording, but not with the cam mic.
I used a mic and the pick up in the guitar, which is actually
a mic and pickup.

This is the guitar of the same friend as above.
Thanks for that !!! I put on new strings though.

To be honest I played two wrong notes, but I edit them away
in Cubase, cause they were both repeated parts.

The beginning of In Flames's Sleepless again, which I recorded.

Guitar: Furch (don't know what model)
recorded with a Neumann KM 184 and the built in pickup.
Tuning: Normal E
Strings: D'addario 12-53
Recording device: my studio setup, see the tutorial videos
Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase 4
Video Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

See Ya.
Da Schehf !!!

8 Kommentare

Un grand merci pour ce moment de bonheur.
Von Dominique Le clère vor 5 Jahren
c'est un délice........super grand merci
Von rachel wien vor 5 Jahren
un peu longuais
Von Thomas graveleine vor 6 Jahren
Tu as un jolie son de gratte, Un régale de te voir jouer, belle rythmique et arpège, un grand bravo.
Von joguitac vor 6 Jahren
Wow really great music. And that Furch guitar sounds awesome! I'm thinking of buying a Furch D40CM next week...
Von xamtheone vor 6 Jahren
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