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Lose Weight with Laser Therapy recommended by Chiropractors

9 years ago622 views

Scalar Wave Lasers
Over the years, there have been many weight loss programs, and each has made claims about what they can do for you in terms of reaching your ideal weight. With some, it was mixing the right foods at the right time of day – such as the Fit for Life Diet. Others gave you their foods to eat – at quite an expense too. And, of course, that also meant you have to keep eating their foods or the weight would all just come back on.

Today, science is taking the lead on a plethora of health-related issues; chief among them – controlling your weight. In Eastern medicine, acupuncture has been used for centuries to deal with a host of maladies; among them – weight. Well, through the use of a laser, you can get the same results in a much less invasive manner. First off, the laser stimulates your body to essentially “realign” your digestive track; that is – get it functioning at its optimum level, and thus boost your metabolic rate. Second, a key factor in over-eating is stress; and Lord knows, we have plenty of that today! By using a laser, your stress and anxiety levels can be reduced; thus eases your cravings for food. The laser literally reaches through your skin to activate your nerve endings – without you feeling so much as a pin prick. For anyone deathly afraid of needles – a real plus. These nerves then give off the body’s natural “high” – endorphins; they improve your mood, and act as an anesthetic.

Another real plus to using lasers for weight loss is that the laser is used to stimulate your own body into action. This is not like some thermal blanket wrap or deep-tissue massage. With those sorts of treatments, your body is being heated up, and thus can suffer damage. In the case of the laser, a natural biochemical reaction is being activated. So, one – your body is doing this to itself; and two – you can repeat the treatment as often as needed, and you are in no danger of suffering any long term