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    This is the password 595313131313131 to play with the Shadow character, and if you haven't the game you can download it here : I just wanted to share some kind of Sonic map - well it's not really a map, it's the road I found to be quickest, so no Bosses here (anyway those levels are boring :P) The music is a live recording of a concert of Marina Scalafiotti, a concert pianist that I know quite personally. I used this without her permission, hehe. She didn't like the recording. I did, so I used it, I guess she won't sue me. Or maybe the composer will, Alicia Terzian which composed this Toccata around 1964 and was present at the recording of this performance. With putting this classical music on a legendary computer game like this ultimate sonic flash game, I hope that some of the sonic lovers have the possibility to discover how cool classic music can be! Cheers, Thierry Distributed by Tubemogul.