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    Secret space 2 part 8 - Reptilians (The Hathor history)

    Vanessa Rose

    by Vanessa Rose

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    Very good videos series, it would of taken alot of time to produce, thank you.To the Skeptics the amount of evidence around the world, over the years is overwhelming, and if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.... believe it or not, it's a Duck!I was a skeptic once, but in the face of the astonishing amount of evidence, and there is alot to read and research, you can't deny it anymore, they are here and have been here for thousands of years. Keep your eyes on 2014 at the United Nations....Thanks again
    By KiwiiKev4 years ago
    Mattapan Dee
    Yeah Its All going to come to the light really soon! its best to stay aware and not ignorant.
    By Mattapan Dee5 years ago
    John Mckinney
    why could not these symbols be just that symbols. i find this all hilarious. since i know that these symbols represent what was called kundelini in india(in the case of the serpents) metomorphesis and or potentials in the case of the frogs. all of these socalled beings are symbolic composite entities not aliens. sitchin has srewed up the truth of the ancient world so horribly that i am starting to think what is his agenda? could he be on a mission to dumb down the human race so thoroughly that the truth will seem foolish and foolishness will seem like truth? if reptillians exist on other planets which seems logical to me, i doubt very seriously that they have any agenda positive or negative toward humans on the earth. the ancient dread of the serpent in western culture comes from a misunderstanding of the serpent of the bible. the nechash serpent who was a person, very earth bound at that. but a person of wisdom. the egyptians even further identifies them and where they lived.
    By John Mckinney6 years ago
    Chris Peach

    So you saw a reflection of a satalite or planet or such on the moon! Big Deal! Easy mistake to make.
    By Chris Peach7 years ago