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Stéphane MARI shows his competition katas of the Shotokan style : 7 superior katas, detailed in slow motion, then normal speed, with several view angles.
Each motion is precised and commented with technical details, educational exercises, so that you learn with optimum
teaching and improving.
The explanations are linked to the applications as a bunkai in order to make the kata performance more realistic.
Beyond the kata kumite, the bunkai leads you further, towards a hidden meaning within the practiced motion.

10 commentaires

super bonne hihi .. ,,..
Par lovelybabe4all il y a 4 ans
lovee urr vidsss :) ..i feel lonely though.. ..!
Par akanshasweety il y a 4 ans
Par kokitorres il y a 5 ans
Magnifique mouvement:)
j'ai remarquer que c'était toujours des boxeur qui critique les arts martiaux.....
Par hynuken il y a 5 ans
ca fai bo kan y speed !!
Par Amine il y a 6 ans
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