Secret space 2 part 6 - Alien Rock painting


by Realvworld

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A picture can tell a thousand stories. Some of the oldest Rock paintings that were found in the 1980s do just that. One in particular that is very questionable is examined in this video. Which could also gain a little more understanding of crop circles


this is interesting but his research is bogus. he twists truth through out in an attempt to prove that snakes are evidence of some hypothetical reptillian alien factor in human history. if his research led him in this direction i can say with confidence that his research wasnt real research. he starts with a premise that he seeks to prove but ignores the evidence of hundreds of cultures where the serpent symbol is attatched to wisdom because the serpent sheds his skin and is related to the concept of renewal, life and death. most importantly the serpent is esoterically the kundelini fire which when activated renews mans awareness to god consciousness. the earliest references to such socalled reptillians is in reference to black people in india by the invading aryans. they called these people the naga (possibly the origin of the word negro?) or snake people the noseless ones.
By situations 6 years ago
Ok, I'm getting freaked out now....
By angelwolf65 6 years ago