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    Mark Randall, Adobe

    Andy Plesser

    by Andy Plesser

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 HUGE: Adobe Readies Voice-to-Text Metadata For Flash Video PALO ALTO -- Beginning later this year, Flash video will contain rich metadata in the form of automated transcripts. Adobe is readying a system that uses speech-to-text technology directly into the production process. Adobe's plans were revealed yesterday by Adobe VP Jim Guerard, who was a featured speaker at the Beet.TV Executive Roundtable held on the Stanford Campus. If the Adobe project is widely adopted, it will have a profound impact on how Flash video is searched and discovered. Right now there is very little text data in Flash files. Recently YouTube began including voice-to-text generated metadata into some of the clips in the presidential campaign. At NAB in May, I interviewed Adobe's top Flash strategist Mark Randall on the topic of voice-to-text and its implications. I've reposted that video here. Mark is speaking here at the AlwaysOn conference and I hope to catch up with him. --- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer