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    Logging Industry Film: Forestry & Forest Industries (1946)

    This film is an engrossing journey through the history of forests and forestry industries in America. When Western European cultures first arrived in North America, there were forests as far as the eye could see. Those forests were quickly moved back in order to establish a system of agriculture. Trees were cut down at such a fast rate that there was an incredible amount of waste. Between waste and irresponsible fires, our nation’s forests were being destroyed completely. The film then details how National Parks were introduced to our society for the purposes of forest preservation. Sectioning off areas of timber for preservation became more and more common. But, just because a section is marked as protected, does not prevent the felling of trees in that area. Trees are cut down as they age and also to prevent rotting. Foresters are the men and women involved in the care taking of the forests. They enjoy working outdoors, using forestry equipment, oversee the replanting of the forest after burns, enjoy working alone, and speak to the public. They are also required to study forestry at a university and learning about logging industry history. The processing of lumber in the logging industry is also documented in the film. When logs are taken to the mill, they are stored in water. This helps to protect them against over-drying. Once lined up to be cut, a saw will begin to cut the logs into boards. The round and irregular ends are then cut off. They will be sorted by grade and put out in a seasoning yard for up to one year. Overall, this film is an informative piece about the history of logging and forestry careers.