Secret space 2 part 4 spherical UFOs and flying serpents

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The flying serpent footage from Brian mcphee is our ufosbri
who has filmed many UFOs and has one of the best UFO channels here..Enjoy my friends

The luminous spears is the most common UFO seen around the world. So it shouldn't be any surprise to see them in ancient art.
Along with other UFOs and flying serpents. which tells us another story. That we have never been alone.
Witness for yourself some of the most amazing footage of UFO fleets, flying serpents and spear like UFOs


I can testify that these are not balloons, since I have seen one of these things (whatever they are) myself. When I seen one of these, it was very high in the sky and very large. It was far to high in the sky to be a balloon and far to large.
By neocarl6188 5 years ago
Is it possible that the spheres are eggs from the flying serpent? Maybe they float at a certain altitude for temperature? Could the sphericle stones be petrified eggs that maybe didn't get fertilized? Just a thought.
By Alaira1 5 years ago
The Kingdom of Tibet Scene! I beg to differ, but that was a scene in the Canadian Rockies... Valley of the 10 Peaks - Lake Louise.... what a bunch of f*****g idiots you are! Here is my deal: It is right now, May 18: 2009: 10:18 PST.... I challenge any aliens to abduct me within the next 24 hours, and I will pay 1,000 bucks.
By angelwolf65 6 years ago
Hey you alien B*****s come abduct me... see if I don't break your skinny slimy little bodies in half ROFLMAO
By angelwolf65 6 years ago
Balloons! Wow!
By angelwolf65 6 years ago