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    Secret space 2 part 2 -Alien moon

    Vanessa Rose

    by Vanessa Rose

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    Ricky Rick
    :-O i just read that obama's budget cancelled the Constellation project aimed to return to the moon in february, and plans instead to turn to the private sector for launch services.. did the hope for a return to the moon re-emerged now? i dont have time to read more...
    By Ricky Rick5 years ago
    Ricky Rick
    not enough natural resources on it and U.S. may say they 'own' the moon so their goals are achieved.

    they are starting a new program to return to the moon on a few years
    By Ricky Rick5 years ago
    Jim Miller
    Intriguing to say the least but I'll never believe it.
    By Jim Miller6 years ago
    Markm Mitchell
    NASA has never returned to the moon due to budget restraints, and it is a big rock afterall!
    By Markm Mitchell6 years ago