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    1999-04-30 - TOTP - Swear It Again

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    Han Sang-Joon

    : Han Sang-Joon

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    Ca fait bizzare de les voir au tout début de leur carrière, il y a déjà 8 ans, mais ils n'ont pas changé pour autant: leurs chansons sont toujours aussi belles si elles ne sont pas devenues encore meilleures!!!
    vivi_Italie:9 년 전
    colette marie mcevoy
    Westlife look so young then and now look at em they're still as good looking as ever and I still luv em 9 years on GO WESTLIFE GO YAY
    Well Westlife, this group is just i have no words for them they are that good, Shane and Marc well they could be a duo and still be just as good but the other two are just as good as well their Harmony is fab
    mickeyt06:9 년 전
    The video quality was ok, could be better
    mickeyt06:9 년 전