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⚣ The Loud House Roughin It Episode 40 Lincoln The Girl Magnet! ( Reacción )

il y a 9 mois102 views

I had to repost thisand dont know why people keep disliking just to make me me feel bad which is anticlimic. -_-\r
There is NOTHING wrong being gay because Im gay! ^^ When Lincoln fears about losing his manliness, he joins Clyde on a camping trip. When they end up losing their supplies, Lincoln must rely on skills he learned from his sisters to find his way to Howard and Harolds bed and breakfast.\r
Heres anotherof The Loud House Roughin It which is about Lincoln and Clyde going to the forest to find their manliness which is weird just to be considered a man by doing girly things. -_- Sigh. Stereotypes. \r
It was a long day for my mum and I to get our car checked in for our battery and the vehicle to run properly so any negative comments will be deleted. I have to say, Lincoln really is attrive for having a fem side which more guys should be able to express than hiding it. \r
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⚣ The Loud House Roughin It Episode 40 Lincoln The Girl Magnet! ( Reacción )
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