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    4/10 Bila houdoud á paris 2008!! mustapha "ZoZéPhine"


    par MONALIZA007

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    hamnache sidi mohamed
    pour toi moh
    Par hamnache sidi mohamedIl y a 7 ans
    Diri maha xD bronchite ta3 tayara ! Je reste 15 ans et je ne te connais pas toi MDR merci
    Par ds_athenaIl y a 7 ans
    ok thx i appreciate that a lot.if they delete 'em again,here's my e-mail: again.
    Par tunisian77Il y a 8 ans
    I will try to do that... The problme is dailymotion for some reason are censuring them for some reason, thats why i had to delete them !!???

    I wil upload them again tomorrow especially for you even if they are censured again!
    Par MONALIZA007Il y a 8 ans
    hi monaliza,i watched the first 2 parts of the interview with OMAR SHERIF,why did u take em off ? plz upload em back.thx
    Par tunisian77Il y a 8 ans