Official Clip TIYA "HOW COME"


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le nouveau clip de Tiya "Howcome"
dir : julien Legrand
Music : Nesscam
©films3univers 2008

Tiya got her energy from the different countries she lived in and from the different phases she went through. She went from the influence of her father, a drummer on the beautiful island of Guadeloupe, to a chamber choir, vocal jazz, experiences in Europe, Canada and the States, rocked by the classical music her step father was passioned by. Strong of her love for the stage, she tried different instruments (she played the drums, the violin and the flute), she also pursued drama and musical theatre. She danced for 7 years and she got her bachelor degree majoring in art – theatre and costumes in the US.


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``yeaeeh it is Very good ;)
Par oliviaj44 Il y a 4 ans