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    1950s Movie on Honesty, Cheating & Making Moral Decisions

    This social etiquette film discusses how honesty can become difficult in situations where the stakes are high. One of the top high school basketball players at his school, Bob, is seen leaving the locker room, and shortly thereafter another teammate’s money has been stolen. Was Bob stealing? Are all the witnesses telling the truth? The highschoolers in this film must figure out for themselves where the answers lie. The film features strong acting for its genre, and the story becomes interesting: when one of the witnesses, a girl who’s dating the number two player on the basketball team, confesses that she wants Bob to fail so her boyfriend can be the top player. As everyone works towards finding the truth, typical American family values are investigated as well as social conformity in the 1950's. Without question, the truth hurts, but the cost of dishonesty is greater. This educational video asks people to discover the difference between an honest mistake and being dishonest.