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    Pedro Rizzo vs Josh barnett


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    You have that right chroniccomics- This man loves himself because he has his own radio show, that no one listens to. He anchored many Pride desk jobs, was a mediocre fighter. But to the MMA world, he can talk a mile a minute, so the fans don't turn the channel. I can't stand him at all.
    Di Marty8 anni fa
    why the hell does Trigg always end up on every non-UFC MMA event... the first thing he says on this clip is related to himself and his career like his analysis always is. "That's why I use Stitch in my corner, my career, me, me me," STFU Trigg you homo.
    Di chroniccomics58 anni fa
    Paybacks are a mother eh Pedro.
    Di Marty8 anni fa