Shawty Lo - Foolish Remix Feat. DJ Khaled, Baby, Rick Ross


par Alexis

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Dude I love your videos so much. .... ..i feel lonely though.. ;))
Par littlegirl1234 Il y a 4 ans
snapa merci toi ossi t de mon avi t-pain été le premier a lauto tune é vla lé gen lon pomper
Par kane93 Il y a 6 ans
MDR il on de ces geules par contre!
Surtou rick ross la grosse barbe c tro bon !! lol.
Par makav3l Il y a 7 ans
Dj khaled pour moi meilleur Dj ki puisse existé.
Et la chanson elle gere!!!
***Shawty lo!!!***
Par makav3l Il y a 7 ans
Know I aint Jamaican Haitian or Ethiopian, Matter of Fact Im older than Africa, So dont Call me Parthna, Ma or paw, or Pa, Listen i call Shawty Lo King Selassie, Cause He Most High, how Many real Drug Dealers, U know can be a succesful rapper with figures, IM in Bankhead with a Black Tee, no Fox on it, So dont ask me who I be, Disregard the rest of the collabos, Get with Me, I dont freestyle, Thats why I play forest Gump in Person, Ask Nanna about my Ipod fantasies, She got A red Beamer already, Ill upgrade her better, Cheddar Like Who Moved My cheese, When the last time u read a book, Neva Mutha Trucker, But KNow I got Diesels, not Like Shaq, they one way, no involvement with cops, even when we in th3e right, cook the white, like California Tans, Cuz we take that White and Make It tan, Not like Butter, but more like Mocha Banana, oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, Who is he, Jim Jones, Tell him to drink his own KoolAide, his mom house dirty, so we couldnt spend the night, Where My Fla GA at?
Par Rich Mundo Il y a 7 ans
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