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    Death Note Character Themes


    par AsunaSabakuNo

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    Does this mean that Near is your fav? or is it Mello.... or... Both?
    And sorry, i couldn't really find any MelloxNear pics OR figure out a good song.... If you have a suggestion i could make ANOTHER vid for thier themes! oh, and i don't really like the whole LxMisa thing. but my BFF luvs that couple randomly.... so yeah... lol L is the best in my opinion, and Misa is the worst. XP she's a discrace to women everywhere.... in my opinion. lol also in my opinion, every character has thier own band that matches them, and Mello's is System. just like Matt's is Three Days Grace and Haku's {from Naruto} is Evanescence. Right? Cause that makes its own sense. lol
    Par MissWierdoIl y a 7 ans
    niceshness! chu shud seeh mine! ours arh like theh only ones on here. XS AND DON'T MOCK L!!!! Hez WAY TOO COOL FOW THAT! -.- he no emo. lol and Matts BAND is Three Days Grace. -^^-
    Par MissWierdoIl y a 7 ans
    MARTIN Brendan
    j'suis triste j'm'attendais au theme des personnages :(
    mais sinon j'ai bien aimé ton amv
    Par MARTIN BrendanIl y a 7 ans
    Nanana CramellDanseen (8) xD
    Pfouhaha ! Elle gère ta vidéo Cramouille u__u' ! Surtout la partie de Mello :D *CHBAAAAF* maaiis é_è !
    <3 :D
    Par Tomie`Il y a 7 ans
    tori mohler
    lol i loved it! BUT MOCK L ONE MORE TIME AD U ARE SO DEAD! LOL kidding kidding, but seriously... dont
    Par tori mohlerIl y a 7 ans
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