Ray Staring vs. Samkor Keatmontep (Kickboxing)


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ALL JAPAN KICKBOXING 2007 "Road to 70's" (September 29, 2008)

3 x 5R, 70kg

Ray Staring (Netherlands / 8oz)
Samkor Keatmontep (Thailand / 10oz)

Samkor is wearing the gloves, the size of 10oz, because his weight was heavier than 70kg.

Kickboxing KO

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haha this is what you get when you underestimate experience&have a big mouth vs a old champion
ユーザー名 Erwin Vercauteren 最後の 2月
maybe Staring should have been wearing bigger gloves.. hehehe
ユーザー名 Colargol Ours 6 年前