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Those of us who have so excitedly followed the career of Al Seeger since before he turned professional have known that a lack of confidence is not one of his characteristics & his stepping into the ring with Mr. Gamboa shows that to be true. Most commentators blogging about the fight fail to mention that Al had a maximum 3-5 day notice of substitution for this fight. Al had absolutely no time to prepare mentally or physically for the boxing style that Gamboa employs, or to study the videos. This was a last minute sub when the scheduled boxer, Jose Rojas, backed out of the engagement. Should Al have even accepted this fight at the last moment begets a different & unrelated question. In my mind this makes Al Seeger even more courageous than he is & has always been, throughout his boxing career. Al controlled the fight here for the first half of this round, and it was only a lucky punch that did him in. Al is still a CHAMP to all of us who so love & will ALWAYS support him! WE LOVE YOU AL
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