Advertising Console ( Auto Clicker, Multiple Accounts Exploit, And Hax)


    by PARriot5145

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    Okay I This video I show you how to make multiple accounts on

    I am not held accountable if your accounts become dis-activated or deleted because of you making to many accounts and the staff of finding out.

    Please use my re feral when you sign up:

    The auto clicker link again is:

    *** In the video i make a couple spelling errors but i was pressed for time and had to rush it.

    To Resume:

    1. Get Firefox

    2. Get a Account

    3. You need to make an AlertPay Account from their website (its an alternative to PayPal, i don't know why they switched...)

    4. Go to, when you need a new account do these simple steps:

    - Hit Ctrl+Shift+Del (Or go to Tool>Clear Private Data).

    - Click the "Cookies" and the "Offline Webpages" Check Boxes.

    - Now click on "Clear Private Data Now" button.

    - You can now create a new account.

    **************VERY IMPORTANT***********
    If you have made a new account, you MUST repeat the steps in number 4 if you want to sign out and sign in on another account, that's why i recommend using the Auto clicker because you do not have to repeat the steps in order to log in on another account. And besides i does all the work for you :P ☺