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    Funny WWII Dental Health, Bad Teeth & Tooth Decay Filmstrip

    Twenty percent of all applicants for selective service during World War 2 are not allowed because they have bad teeth. It is the most cited reason for rejection. If these young men in the prime of their health have such bad teeth, what can be expected of the rest of Americans? This amazing film, About Faces, seeks to answer this question with some of the most bizarre scenes ever filmed. Poor oral hygiene abounds! First the audience is asked to rub their tongue around their teeth (actual film footage of an audience in the 40's follows). Weird dentists insist on the usual tooth brushing to prevent cavities, but that's really not what the movie is about. Since this World War 2 video was made by the US Public Health Service, one would think the focus would be on good oral habits. But instead, it's about tooth decay, bad teeth, crooked teeth, yellow teeth, and remarkable shots of old bums with mouths that look like picket fences! The film is dryly narrated by Lowell Thomas, whose famous voice has graced most of the classic government films. Thomas gets to deliver some phenomenally kitschy lines, like, "with those teeth, he won't even get to first base!" and insisting on how Americans focusing on dental work and stopping tooth decay will help beat Hitler! One of the finest movies during World War 2, About Faces is by far the most entertaining look at the history of dentistry available.