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    History of Open Hearth & Bessemer Steel Making Process

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    Steel: A Symphony of Industry is a powerful and artistic film from 1936 which illuminates the steel-making process from start to finish with cinematic flourish little seen in other films of this genre. The various cutting edge steel producing techniques of the time, such as the Bessemer process, electric furnace, and open hearth furnace are all depicted in gripping detail, revealing the history of steel manufacturing. The footage captures all of the steps in production, from ore preparation to a variety of finished products rolling off the line, including the steelworkers toiling hard at their craft. Steel: A Symphony of Industry, produced by the American Iron and Steel Institute, is an educational video that makes the process of steel-making seem like a modern marvel, but it also unwittingly reveals the poor working conditions and dangerous lack of safety provisions for steel workers that existed in mills of that era.