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    N.W.A - straight outta compton


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    In 1983 DR. DRE started as a dj in a club called 'eve after dark', the clubs owner LONZO WILLIAMS formed a group of dj-s and mc's called WORLD CLASS WRECKIN CRU, the groups members were DR. DRE, LONZO WILLIAMS, CLI-N-TEL and DJ YELLA. They released some records through LONZO's record label KRU-CUT RECORDS.
    In 1986 DR. DRE became also the producer of a group called C.I.A (cru in action), it was the group of DRE's cousin SIR JINX, in this group was also a tallented mc named ICE CUBE.
    In 1987 DR. DRE's close friend and ex-drug dealer EAZY-E decided to make hip hop records. So he opened RUTHLESS RECORDS. EAZY-E had a new york based hip hop group and ICE CUBE wrote a song called ''BOYZ IN THE HOOD'' but the new york group refused to make the song cause they said the lyrics was too westcoast! So EAZY-E made the song himself. The song was a huge success.
    The same year RUTHLESS RECORDS released the album 'SUPERSONIC THE ALBUM' by a female rap group called JJ-FAD and their song ''SUPERSONIC'' was an international hit.
    Then EAZY-E, DR. DRE, ICE CUBE, MC REN and DJ-YELLA formed the group N.W.A (NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDE) and they released the album 'N.W.A AND THE POSSE'.
    A manager named JERRY HELLER heard the record and signed N.W.A with PRIORITY RECORDS.
    In 1988 N.W.A released their second album 'STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON', a hip hop masterpiece with the hits ''STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON'', ''EXPRESS YOURSELF'' and the controversial ''FUCK THA POLICE''.
    Even FBI responded to the song by sending a letter to N.W.A, that caused huge controversy and made N.W.A famous all over the world.
    The album became multiplatinum without even redio-play.