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    Nathanael Cameron

    by Nathanael Cameron

    Kaynine Said, "This will be my final animation with Artoonix. I have enjoyed using it for the past year and I hope I've shown that it is capable of far more than the simple scribble-and-scratch examples which seem to litter the program's homepage galleries.

    My main reason for setting Artoonix aside is the lack of lockable pivots for objects (something that is so simple in, say, Creatoon). However, for simple cut-out style animation such as this Goldilocks example, Artoonix is ideal and is hard to beat. I'm surprised that so few of its users ever seem to try this style.

    There is a vague hope that at some future time, Artoonix will be able to implement lockable centres of rotation for objects ... but I'm not holding my breath!

    BUT - if you want an easy-to-understand, entry-level program for animation, give Artoonix a try.

    One other reason for moving to Anime Studio Pro is the fact that it has a VERY healthy, active and supportive forum. This is something that Artoonix lacks. Again, I have no explanation for this unless 99% of its users are children."